Soldait An Innovative Smart Payment Solution

Soldait An Innovative Smart Payment Solution

What’s Soldait Token

Soldait Token (SIT) іѕ the name of the token offered by the Soldait platform. It’s a smart contract that еmроwеrѕ and еnhаnсеѕ thе рауmеnt ѕуѕtеmѕ based оn Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

There are 350,000,000 total SIT tokens. Users are fully in control of their SIT tokens; there’s no limit to buying or selling SIT. Anyone can buy SIT tokens in Dexs like Soldaitswap, pancakesswap.

In public we will be listed in top 10 CMC Exchanges And users can sell, buy, and hold the SIT tokens like other currencies.

Specifically, the Soldait platform is a payment gateway that provides transaction and exchange of fiat coins and cryptocurrencies. Soldait help users to manage funds from their smartphones.

In other words, users can ѕеnd or receive сrоѕѕ-border payments instantly with SoldaitPay.

Soldait is set to be listed in Coinmarketcap and Coingecko, Also, it will get IFO at PancakeSwap and will soon go to the public. Soldait will equally be listed with 4 pairs of options on the top 10 CMC Exchanges like, kucoin, Poloniex, and Binance.

More so, Soldait contract Certik, the best auditing service, and work with Argusbits, a reputable software solution.

Soldait smart payments gateway

Features and Benefits of Soldait

  • Access

Soldait is entirely open to all. With its easy interface, anyone can access the platform globally.

It can handle higher transaction volumes without modifying the software in the future. Soldait has connectivity across payment networks.

  • Low Cost

A unique feature of the platform is its low transaction costs. It also has low operational and liquidity costs. The platform aims to remove many transaction and processing fees.

Soldait has no third-party verification and interference. And it aims to small-fees transactions.

  • Easy and Speed Transactions

Soldait is an accessible platform with no storage expense. It creates value and offers speed, accuracy and easy transactions.

Transactions on Soldait can be done in 1 sec. In other words, payments or transactions on Soldait token can be verified and settled in less than 1 minute. This is valuable for cross-border transactions.

Users can ѕеnd or receive сrоѕѕ-border payments instantly with SoldaitPay. There’s also an on-demand settlement feature.

  • Certainty and Security

The platform is highly secure as it’s built with algorithm ADG protection to defend against hacking. It offers real-time traceability of funds.

Also, Soldait’s encrypted and decentralized financial system with complex algorithms make it difficult to manipulate.

  • A Fully Immutable Platform

Soldait offers a fully immutable network. This shows that no one can alter data on the platform’s ledger. All the transaction details on its system will remain intact.

Services and Solutions of Soldait

Soldait has a unique ecosystem of different services like SoldaitPay, wallet, online stores, exchange, stores, multi-vendors, and Visa Integration.

1- SoldaitPAY

SoldaitPay is a Smart Payment gateway hosted by thousands of users globally. Users can spend their digital cash anywhere with SoldaitPAY. In other words, SoldaitPAY allows users to make instant private payments online or in-store.

2- (DEX) Soldaitswap

SoldaitSwap is a decentralized exchange built with smart contract on the BSC binance smart chain. It allows users to trade online and fully control their wallets when transacting on a DEX platform. Traders or users can trade easily and anonymously 24/7 for a small fee.

3- Soldait-wallet

Soldait has a multi-wallet that allows users to store and retrieve their Crypto assets. Users can send their Cryptos bought from a crypto exchange or a peer to Soldait wallet.

Download the wallet, sign up and get a wallet address to send and store digital assets. Soldait wallet would allow storing of different types of Cryptos.

4- Soldait Apps

The platform is committed to providing an easy mobile apps with an intuitive user interface for faster exchange and transactions.

Apps can be installed on any android or apple phone. With Soldait apps, users can create and manage their accounts, transactions, assets, and other functionalities provided by the Soldait ecosystem.

5- Soladit Crypto Exchange

With Soldait user-friendly Crypto exchange, users can trade and exchange Cryptos 24/7 with a small fee while being as fast as possible. Soldait supports trade with (BTC, ETH, SIT, USDT, BUSD) for Trade.

6- Multi-vendor

Soldait offers multi-vendor e-commerce. It’s a marketplace that helps vendors market their products online and transact globally. Soldait multi-vendor helps tourism fields to get tourism business and benefits.

More so, Soldait multi-vendor helps small online businesses to have experience or money to manage their businesses.

7- Soldait Store

The Soldait store is a component of the Soldait ecosystem that allows the selling of system-specific products and services that add value to the token.

The Soldait store helps to keep the price from fluctuating while increasing the value of the token.

8- Soldaitchain

The SoldaitChain is a blockchain solution and p2p network, which acts as a distributed ledger that keeps track of transactions and tokenized assets on the ecosystem.

New companies can tokenize their securities with Soldait blockchain. In other words, Companies can use the smart contracts of Soldait blockchain.

9- Visa Integration

Although users can use smartphones to send and receive payments, they can also physically use visa cards directly with the Soldait secure VPP API.

Soldait Community

Soldait is expanding its trading ecosystem where users will reshape and adjust their payment solutions. To know more about Soldait tokens, go to any Soldait communities or social networks.

Soldait social media: Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Telegram, Discord and youtube.

With its Smart contracts, Soldait is committed to fast and low-cost transactions while removing the 3rd party and providing accountability for every party involved in the platform transactions.

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Soldait is Payment gateway based on blockchain solution integrated with smart contracts lead to decentralized control for your payments include fiat coin & cryptocurrencies that help users to manage fund form his own smart phone.




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