Soldait The next generation of Crypto-Based Payment Gateway Platform

Soldait The next generation of Crypto-Based Payment Gateway Platform

Soldait is a Smart Payment Gateway. It is a remarkable blockchain-based payment service that makes it easy for users to make payments using fiat coins and cryptocurrencies.

The CEO and Founder, Mr. Mostafa gave an insight into the company and some of the initiatives it took to roll out its latest service in a recent public statement.

“We are more than elated to be unveiling our new service to the general public. Smart Payment Gateway was borne out of the need to create a ubiquitous system that makes it easy for users to manage their crypto funds straight from their smartphones. With this latest addition, Soldaitpay is poised to be the most sought-after crypto-based payment platform in GCC & Middle East,” Mr. Mostafa says.

Our team put in a lot of consideration when building this system. We wanted a seamless platform that incorporated both off and online capabilities in its design. And the eventual outcome is a finished product that allows users like online Traders to buy, swap tokens using an all-inclusive decentralized exchange (DEX),” Mr. Mostafa adds.

Since the explosion of next-generation payment gateways in the last couple of years, users have been exposed to lots of new and interesting features. Even older traditional systems like Western Union and PayPal are also pushing the boundary with regards to the adoption of some of these trends, lest they stand the great risk of losing market share to newer competitors.

And with online and offline features, payment gateways have completely taken the market by storm.

Recalling the old days of shopping where people simply walked into a store and after making purchases, either paid with cash or a credit card. Now, with everything moving online, payment gateways are making it a lot more convenient for people to shop and make payments over the internet.

What did all these mean for online retailers?

First, there had to be a reliable system that made it easy for them to receive payment via their online store. Consequently, payment gateways were the bonafide answer to that need. Even better was that people could also do that both on and offline.

Here is a backdrop to how this is made possible:

In the case of online payments, monies are transferred to the online retailer’s account and received immediately after it has been confirmed by the customer.

Offline payments on the other are a bit tricky. With offline payments, monies cannot be immediately transferred to the retailer’s account until a later date. There are many ways retailers and online stores that offer this option do this. They usually have a deal with the customer to agree to certain terms and conditions.

With payment gateways, the offline method means that the customer’s information is held in trust by the gateway company pending when the individual is ready to dispense funds. This is synonymous with how the credit card system works.

There are many benefits of using both on and offline methods when making online payments. But most importantly, the payment gateway one ends up using should be the bone of contention.

Knowing how to pick a good payment system is great for the safety of both the user and the online merchant in the long run.

This explains why people must always go for one they can trust. Online merchants in particular must put a lot of factors to bear since there are many types of payment gateways out there competing for attention.

They must also decide on which online/offline system is best suited for their business. It should be one which is fast and easy to operate. On the whole, it must also guarantee the safety of its customers as well.

In the grand schemes, there are a few trust payment gateways that have built quite a reputation for themselves over the years. Two of the most prominent of them are PayPal, and Western Union.

Popular finance educational site gives a comprehensive explanation of how PayPal works.

Here’s an excerpt below:

“PayPal offers payment services and solutions for both personal consumers and businesses. The company allows personal consumers to shop, make payments, and transfer money with relative ease. Users need an email address to sign up for an account and must provide a credit card, debit card, or bank account to complete the setup. PayPal verifies all the information to make sure the person setting up the account is the rightful owner before the service can be used.”

Now, we have blockchain technology as one the latest and alternate gateway for making and receiving payments online. And with the surge in popularity that it continues to receive, we will continue to see the rise of more gateway systems built solely on its back.

Soldait joins a growing list of exclusive blockchain-based payment gateways. Users should also expect to see more in terms of qualitative and real-time integrated features. Some of the other services to watch out for on the Soldait platform include:

· SoldaitPAY.. which allows users to make instant, private payments online using the Smart Payment Gateway.

· Soldaitswap… its peer-to-peer decentralized exchange that connects cryptocurrency sellers and buyers.

· Soldait-wallet… an app that lets users store and access their digital assets.

· Soldait Token.. its a smart contract token based оn binance smart chain (BSC) that users can avail themselves of while using Smart Payment Gateway.

CEO, Mr. Mostafa says that with their Smart Payment Gateway service going live, users will enjoy instant connectivity across various payment networks. Cost control is also one of the strongest suits of the new service with users able to enjoy subsidized operational and liquidity costs.

Soldait enjoins all and sundry to take advantage of its Smart Payment Gateway to leverage on speed and real-time traceability of monetary transactions.

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Soldait is Payment gateway based on blockchain solution integrated with smart contracts lead to decentralized control for your payments include fiat coin & cryptocurrencies that help users to manage fund form his own smart phone.




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