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  1. Definitions 

1.1. In these General Terms and Conditions, unless the context otherwise requires, the following expressions have the following meanings:

1.1.1. “Customer/s”: Means any user of the Services or visitor of the website https://soldait.com

1.1.2. “Website”: Means the domain address https://soldait.com and any website affiliated with it.

  1. SOLDAIT Services and General Scope 

2.1. SOLDAIT GLOBAL DMCC (hereinafter referred as “SOLDAIT”/), domiciled at Fortune Tower, Office 2703, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Cluster C Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Company Registration Number DMCC190386, which is operated by its Affiliates (collectively hereinafter referred to “Affiliate/s” mean, with respect to a particular person or any entity that directly or indirectly controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with such person, who by creating, hosting, maintaining or providing the Services to the Customer via the Internet) governs the use of all Services provided herein, including but not limited:

2.1.1. to access https://soldait.com as well as using the website technology to register for the portal integrated therein (Part 1 – terms of use – agreed when accessing the website),

2.1.2. to access and use the portal integrated in https://soldait.com, its Application Programming Interfaces (API), and related applications to submit buy-orders for products through the portal (Part 2 – to be confirmed before accessing the portal) and

2.1.3. to generate promotion links to recommend SOLDAIT products and services as part of the SOLDAIT Marketing Programme via https://soldait.com (Part 3 – to be confirmed before creating a promotion link)

(collectively referred to as the “Service/s”).

2.2. These General Terms and Conditions and it’s dedicated Parts (hereinafter also referred to as the “Agreement”) apply to all business relationships between SOLDAIT and its Customers in the version that were in effect upon execution of the contract, whether the contract was concluded by SOLDAIT website/portal, by mail, E-Mail or any other electronic means. Typesetting and printing errors reserved.

  1. Information, Eligibility and Requirements 

3.1. Access to our Website is free of charge. It is the Customer’s responsibility to make the arrangements necessary in order to access our Website. No part of SOLDAIT’s Site constitutes a contractual offer by SOLDAIT capable of acceptance, unless otherwise expressly stated.

3.2. Using the Services and/or Website means, that the Customer have read, understood, and accepted this Agreement and agrees to be bound by the terms, conditions and notices contained and/or referenced herein at its own sole discretion and risk.

3.3. To be eligible to use the Services, the Customer must be an adult as per law in its jurisdiction, but at least 18 years old.

3.4. SOLDAIT Service availability vary by country. SOLDAIT offers Services in compliance with local laws and regulations. This Agreement applies only to Customers who are NOT citizens or residents of the United States of America, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria or from such countries that are affected by an EU or UAE embargo. Customers of mentioned countries are not allowed to use the Services. SOLDAIT does not operate in prohibited jurisdictions. SOLDAIT maintains the right to select its markets and jurisdictions to operate and may restrict or deny its services to certain countries at any time.

3.5. The Customer hereby indemnifies SOLDAIT, who is held to have no responsibility, against any direct, indirect, consequential, or any damages of any kind, arising out of or in any way connected with the use of Services, including but not limited to those arising from Customer’s personal error and/or misbehavior.

3.6. Images and data of SOLDAIT website and portal are protected by SOLDAIT copyright and may not be used without the explicit permission of SOLDAIT. The SOLDAIT website contains links to third-party websites which are operated by others. These links are provided purely for the Customer’s convenience and do not indicate any endorsement of the contents of these pages by SOLDAIT. SOLDAIT is not responsible for the content of any links, and also does not vouch for the content or the accuracy of the material on the third-party websites. If the Customer decides to access third-party websites through these links, it’s on Customer’s your own risk. The content of SOLDAIT website and portal has been checked carefully. Nevertheless, no guarantee can be given for accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information.

3.7. SOLDAIT reserves the right to make changes on its Website, portal, policies, and terms and conditions, including this Agreement at any time without further notice. The Customer will be subject to the policies, and terms and conditions in force at the time that the Customer has accessed and used SOLDAIT Services, unless any change to those policies or terms and conditions are required to be made by law or government authority. Specific reasons for changes of this Agreement could be, but are not limited to, market changes to which SOLDAIT has to react or

introduction of new products and services or changes in sales, distribution and promotional strategies.

3.8. If any part of the current version of these General Terms and Conditions conflicts with any previous version(s), the current version shall prevail unless SOLDAIT explicitly states otherwise.

  1. Data Protection 

4.1. As required for implementing the terms under this Agreement, SOLDAIT collects, stores and processes personal and company-related data as well as data regarding the purchases and promotional activities of the Customer, as allowed under the data protection legislation (see SOLDAIT Privacy Policy available from https://soldait.com).

4.2. SOLDAIT uses internationally recognized security technology to protect the Customer’s data from unauthorized access.

4.3. All enquiries regarding information, amendment or deletion of data may be directed by trackable letter sent by post to registered SOLDAIT office. To make sure that the sender of the letter is actually the respective Customer, this letter must be notarized.

  1. How to Contact SOLDAIT 

5.1. To contact SOLDAIT please use the contact form given at Soldait’s portal or send a trackable letter which shall be notarized, by post to registered SOLDAIT office.

5.2. When using SOLDAIT’s Contact Tools or contacting SOLDAIT by any other means, the following rules apply, and you must not communicate, submit, or otherwise do anything that:

5.2.1. is sexually explicit;

5.2.2. in any way sexualises minors (including, but not limited to, child sexual abuse material); 

Soldait is Payment gateway based on blockchain solution integrated with smart contracts lead to decentralized control for your payments include fiat coin & cryptocurrencies that help users to manage fund form his own smart phone.




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